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Why you need a mobile app for your Training business?

Why you need a mobile app for your Training business?

Build your brand

If you show that you are the expert in your field of training then you would automatically get more business. Display your knowledge by periodically sharing the knowledge blogs, latest industry news, free courses etc. on app.

App is a new marketing channel

App is a great tool for direct marketing. You can send instant notifications for upcoming courses, sales, promotions and events. You can also collect customer data and use it to generate metrics to empower marketing efforts.

Recognition & market positioning

A mobile app for your business can greatly contribute to your brand awareness. Mobile apps for Training companies are still rare, and this is where you can take a big leap ahead of your competitors. Be the first to offer a mobile app to your customers. They’ll be astonished by your forward-thinking approach!

Be visible to customers at all times

By having a mobile app, your business is in consumer’s pocket. Your app icon provides an extra reminder of your brand; it increases brand recall and boosts referral business.

Improve Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Customer engagement level is highest when they have your mobile app. With all the noise out there — banners, billboards, flyers, coupons, etc — it is the mobile app which can keep you closer to your customers by being “fingertip” away at all times.

Increase Revenue

Buying and paying is easier on mobile apps. Customers can buy a course at any time on mobile apps, while a website may not provide best user interface for payments. Customers respond to offers more enthusiastically on apps as it gets their attentions immediately through push notifications. Apart from sales you can also make money through advertisements and in-app purchases.

Improve Customer Service

By having a communication channel on your app, customers have a place to ask questions, leave reviews, and interact with the company. This increases the level of customer service.

Great User Experience

Ease of use on native apps are far better than a mobile friendly website. Some of the great features are possible only on native apps e.g. bookmarking & offline access etc.

Make your content viral

Users like to share favorite posts to friends via mobile chat apps like WhatsApp & Facebook messenger etc. They can do this quite easily from a mobile app, but not so easily from a website.

Use of device features

Users can use many device features. E.g., a user can directly call you from Contact page. A user can take & upload a photo directly from mobile app.

Notification does the magic

A loyal user always opens the app when she gets a notification about a new post. This increases engagement level and traffic. An app is a great tool to remind about a new post.

Send personalized messages

You can send personalized messages to users. App works as a broadcasting tool to connect to your users directly. This cannot be done on a website.

Give offline access

Access to Internet can fluctuate throughout the day, but a native mobile app keeps the content in internal storage and provides seamless access even when user is not connected to Internet.

Make money through Mobile Ads

Website owners make money through Google and other Ad networks. But these Ads are discouraged on mobile screens. We integrate Ad network APIs directly to mobile apps, which shows ads at the right locations and are optimized as per mobile user’s preferences. .

Go where the users are

World is moving from desktop to mobile-first to mobile-only era. Having a website only is not enough as they cannot be optimized completely for mobile experiences. Mobile apps provide more engagement from users as they are permanently installed on their mobile phones.

Grow Website traffic

Users spend more time on mobile apps than websites. You get more traffic and better search engine rankings if you have both.

Get Priceless Customer Insights

Google Analytics is pre-integrated within the App. Use this analytics information to create the strategy to reach out to more users and to increase the engagement level.

But I have a (mobile friendly) website, Why do I need a mobile app?

There are some fundamental differences between two:

  • Website is for attracting new customers while app is for creating loyal customers
  • For website you need to open the browser, enter the website URL while app is just a tap away.
  • On website the customer comes, completes the activity and exits while on app the communication is two-way and ongoing.
  • Websites are more responsive to search queries but apps provides engagement, loyalty, and ease of use. App “lives” on user’s device.
  • The most successful marketers use their mobile website to attract new customers and convince them to download their app, generating an opportunity for profitable & ongoing relationships.

See more details here -> http://firstwireapp.com/android_and_ios_mobile_native_app_for_a_training_company_institute.html

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