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We work on cutting edge technologies and frameworks. We strive to increase efficiency and value for money for your solutions.
Technologies & frameworks

Mobile Technologies

We build Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps for mobiles, tablets , TV and other devices.

We use Swift, Objective C, Java, iOS SDK ,Android SDK, Cocos2d, Kotlin, Firebase, React, Ionic, Phonegap, Sencha, Appcelerator, Titanium, Kendo UI, Adobe Air and othe relevant technologies.

Product Engineering

We undertake product development work for Mobile, Web, desktop and SaaS applications. We use various programming languages like C, C++, Java, Visual C++, Python, Ruby on Rail, JavaScript etc.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a vast subject area. We use multiple frameworks and technologies to transform your business into an engine of innovation and efficiency.  Businesses of next decades are moving to digital. People are not going to stand in queues and buy things, and they are not going to come to your office for whatever you are selling or buying. It’s time to move on and become a next generation digital company.

Front-end Technologies

New front-end technologies like HTML5,  JS/CSS and frontend frameworks like Angular.js & React.js are more efficient and lighter for a huge distributed application.  We are on top of latest technological advancement in front-end technology space and bring the best to you.

Back-end Technologies

Back-end technologies are becoming more and more important as we are into an era of multi tenant applications. If we are not careful then application hangs even if we are spending millions on server infrastructure. Take advantage of cloud & non-blocking databases & latest versions of software from big product companies and make a robust back-end system.

Web Application Framework

Want to get started quickly on your dream project? Use a web framework. Web frameworks are boon for someone who wants a basic reliable and tested web application with basic modules like login, admin, security etc. Web frameworks are flexible and can be extended to any level for your need.

E-commerce Technologies

These are special web frameworks with pre-built E-commerce solution. There are standalone software like Magento and there are SaaS software like Shopify. These frameworks reduce the time to build and go to market for e-commerce companies. Essentially all offline businesses have to be on e-commerce. Choose any framework as you like or ask us for a comparative analysis.

Web content management

Want a multi-purpose website or a complex learning management system? You can use ready to deploy web content management platforms like WordPress, Drupal , Joomla and others. They are easy to customize & deploy and there is a huge developer community with plugins and tools for almost every thing you think is necessary for your business.

Chatbot platforms 

Chatbot is the new phenomena and catching up fast with all established businesses. It is the magical Artificial Intelligence agent which can be programmed to answer your customers queries in real time and learn from the reactions of your customers on how to best serve them. It can take orders, perform tasks, connect to other chatbots or humans. It can be used to provide 24*7 , seven days a week support to your growing customer base and can do even much more.

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