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product engineering
We create software products with best user interfaces, great user experiences and next gen technologies.
Product Engineering

Product development

Product development by keeping time/budget constraints in mind & making it iterative & validated by the end users.

Platform development

Platforms where you can create and manage services and do all administrative tasks from one place.

Lifecycle management

We take care of complete lifecycle of existing products and free yourself from day to day pains.

Mobile adaptation

We take desktop and web based products and converts them into new age mobile app products.

SaaS adaptation

Have a winning product? let us convert your product into a SaaS offering and reach out to million subscribers.

Product consulting

We provide end to end consulting on product ideation, development, launch, go to market strategy and roadmap.

Product architecture

We craft Architectures which are extensible to it’s future versions and integrate with new tech smoothly.

Product design & UX

Get a clear understanding about design and UX and how it can help you in creating the next generation product.

How are we different ?

Rapid app development

RAD is good for user driven products. Gone are the days when product cycles used to be two-three years. Anything older than six months becomes obsolete.

Quality control processes

We use Spiral Model or Total Software Quality Control Model to control the quality. Quality has to be in the DNA of the product. It can never be an after-thought.

In-built extensibility

Each product follows object oriented model where we build a core-engine and top up with functionalities. You can extend it anytime and add more features.

Service based architecture

We strive to make service based architectures which is self-contained and can be used by any software interface simply by exposing apis.

Product Engineering Process 

We follow WF or agile process for product development. We can combine and customize the WF, Scrum, Incremental and XP models to give you complete flexibility on development processes.

Speed, Quality & transparency are the values we keep close to our heart when it comes to product development.

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