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We are an IT Service, Solution and Product Development company with unwavering focus on Speed and Quality. We provide services to all size of businesses whether you are running a small home office or running a big fortune 500 company. 

We specialize in E-Commerce, Mobile App Development, Product Engineering and Digital Transformations areas.

We strive to give you at least 10x ROI on your time and money investment.  We consider a project successful only when you  come back and say “thanks for saving my  time and money”. 

We operate following brands:

BICSL – Custom Software for Cloud  & Web. Big Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

FirstWire Apps – Mobile App Development

CommerceCodes – E-Commere Development & Digital Marketing

FirstWire WP – WordPress Development, Support, Digital Marketing & Cloud Hosting

GoodChatBot – ChatBot Development

There are thousands of IT companies who claims to provide best services; there is no reason that you should trust us when we repeat the same words. And we understand that very well. We invite you to connect with us once and see the quality of interaction. Our philosophy is that even when you do not want to do business with us, you should be able to gain or learn something new and useful in the process.


Team & Advisors

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Anand Agarwal

Founder & CEO

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Sanjeev Preet

Sales Advisor

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Dr. Manoj Gore

R&D Advisor

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Ashok Sachan

Talent Advisor


New Tech

Why us?


Right Idea & Right Timing

Are you on a mission to change the world? Good!! , But please first verify if your timing is appropriate. Most of the excellent ideas die because either they are too early or too late. We do not interfere in our client’s business; however you will have our insight on a particular idea and know-how about making it successful or otherwise our honest advice if you need to think more on it.


The Future

We believe that our clients should be ready for the next decade. They should be ready for the year 2030. We do not want to create applications which are so much of 20th century. We want to create modern, efficient and fast applications which can scale up for future requirements.

BICSL is a strong advocate of new and powerful technologies which can cater to future’s traffic and performance requirements rather than just catering to current requirements. You need to build a different kind of Architecture to meet future demands. If it is not done now then the re-work will cost you more time and money later.


We treat our clients as partners and feel very proud seeing them grow.

Come and join us in this exciting and rewarding journey.

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