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Why your business needs a Mobile App Now ?

Why your business needs a Mobile App Now ?

We know that many people are still skeptical when a question arise whether they should get a Mobile App for their business or not.

Let’s examine top 4 advantages of Mobile Apps and assess if they would help you in your business ?

Short Term v/s Long Term

Whether you accept it or not but an entrepreneur is always in a fire fighting mode. Running business is an over-whelming and day-to-day affair and it takes a heavy toll on long term thinking. Work on war strategies are often postponed so to win today’s battle!

Mobile Apps serves long term goals e.g. to make loyal users, enhance brand image, get viral growth, take advantage of mobile device features and overall increase in revenue etc.


IT department has the highest priority for critical business applications so that business customers can be served , campaigns can be run and new users can be acquired, however a very important aspect is often neglected which is how to make the users loyal and how to help them buy or visit the site over and over again . But how to achieve that?

With so many websites hovering around web you need a different tool to make your digital asset “stick” to users.  And “that” tool is Mobile App. Once installed, users keep it on home screen of most important device i.e. their mobile phone. As per a research[1], phone users check their phone 85 times a day.

So do you want to miss this great opportunity ? Don’t you want to remind your customers about your brand every now and then?

It’s anybody’s guess how much the user engagement will be once they have your mobile app.

Magic of Notifications

People are busy, very very busy!

You have to remind them that they need to buy your product & services. This is the only way to beat the competition.

Get their attention!

The most important feature which generally is ignored by many business people is “Messages & Notifications” through Apps. Timely & intelligent notifications can increase your revenue by at least 20-30%

As per a research by Urban Airship[2] , Push notifications increase engagement and retention – They result in up to 26% higher mobile app open rates and 92% higher retention rates.

Offline Access

Do you know that 4 billion people still don’t have Internet[3] access ? And people who do have Internet , are not necessarly connected all the times. Many countries still support low data speed like 64KB etc . With this situation the only smart strategy is to provide the offline access to your content. This is possible through native mobile apps.

Finally the most frequently asked question is “I have a mobile friendly website, Why do I need a mobile app?”

There are some fundamental differences between two:

  • Website is for attracting new customers while app is for creating loyal customers
  • For website you need to open the browser, enter the website URL while app is just a tap away.
  • On website the customer comes, completes the activity and exits while on app the communication is two-way and ongoing.
  • Websites are more responsive to search queries but apps provides engagement, loyalty, and ease of use. App “lives” on user’s device.
  • The most successful marketers use their mobile website to attract new customers and convince them to download their app, generating an opportunity for profitable & ongoing relationships.

Let us know what you think about this post and Mobile Apps in general?

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