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Mobile Apps for Apartment Associations & RWAs

Mobile Apps for Apartment Associations & RWAs

Reduce social media noise

Most of the Apartment associations rely on Google or WhatsApp groups to spread an important message. However the message gets drowned in thousands of useless discussions. Most of the people gets so irritated by the social media discussions that they switch off the notifications. Message doesn’t reach to the right recipient at right time. A dedicated app makes sure that you receive all important notifications and messages on time. Fortunately we do not have a group discussion feature on this app, so you will not have the same issue here.

Important Notices

Do you have a critical notice and want to send to all residents immediately? Use the messaging feature. You can send a message to unlimited number of users. (Unlike WhatsApp or other chat platforms where number of recipients are limited). Also there is no restriction on whether your number should be added to recipient phone book etc.

Event Blogs

It is a big task to share the details, images and notes about a successful event. Most of these sharing happen in an unorganized way. Few people share images through social media tools, other shares it through groups or email etc. Finally all these beautiful images get lost in the ocean of vast information. By using this app you can manage all these things in one place and can revisit them anytime. They are stored in your app’s storage so you can also read & see them anytime.

Your Own Phone Directory

Keep important contact numbers and email ids of all management staff , vendors, guards and professionals on this app. Call them or email them directly from this app. Users do not need to store these contact numbers separately. This helps in avoiding security risks (e.g. people can add you on their WhatsApp contacts if you have added them in your phone-book) and also helps in maintaining all contacts at one place. So user doesn’t have to run places to get these details.

Great User Experience

Ease of use on native apps are far better than a mobile friendly website. Some of the great features are possible only on native apps e.g. bookmarking & offline access etc.

Notification does the magic

Users always opens the app when they get a notification about a new post. This increases the reach and decreases the time to respond.

Send direct messages

You can send direct messages to users. App works as a broadcasting tool to connect to users directly.

Give offline access

Access to Internet can fluctuate throughout the day, but a native mobile app keeps the content in internal storage and provides seamless access even when user is not connected to Internet.

Users are on mobile

World is moving from desktop to mobile-first to mobile-only era. If not required by profession, most people prefer smartphones to access Internet. Mobile apps provide more engagement from users as they are permanently installed on their mobile phones.

Use of device features

Users can use many device features. E.g., a user can directly call from app or send an email from app. A user can take & upload a photo directly from mobile app.

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