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How these Bloggers stay at top by having a Mobile App ?

How these Bloggers stay at top by having a Mobile App ?

So you have a blog and still not convinced to get a Mobile App for it ?

Let’s take a look at some of the Top Bloggers and see how they are leveraging Mobile Apps to scale new heights.


YourStory.com currently enjoys Alexa rank 2k in world and 300 in India (http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/yourstory.com) . It is a blog dedicated to Startup and Technology companies based out of India.

YourStory has apps on Android and iOS stores. Android app download has crossed 100 k. YourStory apps have good reviews from users. Users are generally excited about having an offline app where they can read stories in free time.

YourStory launched these apps around early 2012.  Commenting on the launch, Shradha Sharma, Founder of YourStory.in said, “In this age, mobile devices are becoming the primary source of consuming news on the go. ”

How Apps affect YourStory as a brand?

Apps have helped YourStory in reaching out to more users, enhancing the brand, helping in brand recall and moving to top position in online media space.

Veg Recipes of India

vegrecipesofindia.com enjoys Alexa rank 2k in India (http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/vegrecipesofindia.com) . It is a famous food blog.  Mobile Apps are available on Android & iOS platforms. Currently Android app has more than 100 k downloads. App has mostly positive reviews.

How Apps helped the blog?

Most of the users are happy about the ease to read and work on each recipe, which is only possible on native mobile platforms. App works like a book for these food lovers. Not to mention that these apps helped vegrecipesofindia.com to get more traffic and helped position itself as a leader in food blogging.


soompi.com enjoys Alexa rank of 2k (http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/soompi.com). It is a blog on fashion and lifestyle, primarily based on Korean pop culture. They have iOS and Android Apps. Android app has more than 50k downloads currently.

How App supported the brand of Soompi?

Most users are happy with  the fact that they carry all content 24*7 and can read it offline too. Most of the K-Pop fans enjoy the App and love to read the content quite often.

Shout Me Loud

shoutmeloud.com ‘s Alexa rank is 4k (http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/shoutmeloud.com). This is a blog for bloggers and boast of millions of subscribers. This is one of the most popular blog in  India. They have Android and iOS Apps. Android app download is around 10k currently.

How App supported the brand of Shout me Loud?

Most of the users are bloggers themselves. App publishes blogging tips and how to make money from blogs. App is quite useful as it is like a mini-book for bloggers. App helped shoutmeloud.com to increase the brand value.


For a blogger, the website with great content brings new web traffic , however Mobile Apps help in creating a loyal fan base. These app users make the blog viral by consuming more content, spending more time on it and sharing it with friends and social circles.

Apps helps in brand positioning and gaining the relevant traffic. App is used as an additional revenue source through native Ads as well.

Now the Question is – Are you still looking for excuses to NOT get a Mobile App for your Blog?

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