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How FirstWire Apps is different from Competitors ?

How FirstWire Apps is different from Competitors ?

Picture this scenario: it’s Friday night, and you head out to a nice restaurant after a long week of work.

While you’re relaxing over a glass of wine, the waiter comes over and informs you of the special. “We have a delicious salmon risotto tonight,” he says.

That sounds perfect, you think, so you order the dish. The waiter jots it down and heads back toward the kitchen as you continue your wine and conversation.

So far, so good, right?

But then the chef comes out and walks over to your table.

“I understand you’ve ordered the salmon risotto,” she says as you nod in affirmation. “Well, risotto is a bit tricky, and it’s important we get the salmon right, too… have you ever made it before?”

Before you can respond, the chef turns around. “Tell you what, I’ll go ahead and get the olive oil started … you wash up and meet me back in the kitchen.”

I’m guessing this experience has never happened to you, and I’m also guessing that you probably wouldn’t enjoy it if it did. After getting past the initial surprise (does the chef really want me to come back in the kitchen and help prepare the food?), you’d probably find it very odd.

You know that the food in the restaurant costs much more than it would in the grocery store — you’re paying a big premium for atmosphere and service. If you wanted to make salmon risotto yourself, you would have done so. You didn’t go to the restaurant to learn to make a new dish; you went to relax and have people do everything for you.

— By CHRIS GUILLEBEAU  On www.copyblogger.com/how-to-fish

What does this scenario have to do with creating a Mobile App?

Many customers don’t want to make their own Mobile App by using fancy wizard provided by some of our competitors. These competitors claim “No Coding, Get Your App in 5 Minutes!”  Oh! Really ??

Why to put burden on Customers for design, coding & testing? What if wizards don’t provide complete satisfaction and if we have to customize the App anyway? and how much more will it cost?

We at FirstWire Apps understand that our customers want great Mobile Apps but they are not expert in creating Apps (they are not supposed to), why to trouble them with the responsibility of playing with so called “drag and drop” wizards. Why can’t they choose a template from menu, sit back, relax and get the most awesome App at the end?

This is what we do at FirstWire Apps and this is how we are different from our competitors.  We take complete responsibility of Apps from design to code to testing to promoting to Play stores. Whats more? we do customization as per your taste as well.

Check our website http://firstwireapp.com/ for more details.


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