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E-Commerce Mobile Apps

Shopify Mobile Apps

After doing a soft launch with some of our clients we are officially launching our E-Commerce Mobile Apps in iOS and Android flavors. Anyone who wants to open an e-commerce store can sign up with Shopify and can get iOS and Android Mobile Apps from us. The best part is that our apps are based on […]

Introducing Dynamic Layouts

Dynamic Layout for App Home Pages

We have launched multiple layout feature for App Home Screen. Now you can choose one of these layouts for your home page. You can also choose to make the layout dynamic so an app user can select one of these layout dynamically. Let us see what these layouts means: List View : All posts (or products […]

Local & International Language Support in Apps

International language

We support all major local and international languages in Mobile Apps. We translate App name, menu text, help text and all other text in local and international languages and transform the app completely for local audience. Some of the work we have done are in Hindi, Arabic and Thai languages. You can check these apps […]

Integration of Chat Messengers in Mobile Apps

Chat feature in Mobile Apps

Now we support two popular Chat platforms on our Mobile Apps. We provide the integration of zopim and hotline‘s native chat facility to business and blog mobile apps. Both platforms provide free basic versions and it’s easy to get started. Best part is that these chat platforms can also be integrated to one or more web properties […]